Month: July 2014

  • Psalmic poetry

    Translating poetry from one language to another is tricky. So not surprisingly, translations of the Psalms often fail to capture wordplay. Psalm 51:12 begins with the word “return”, often translated “restore.” The following verse ends with the same verb, making this nice little bookend: “Return to me the joy of your salvation and with a generous […]

  • The Royal Shepherd

    The familiarity of Psalm 23 is probably the greatest impediment to us hearing the psalm afresh. Somehow the psalm came to be associated with both children and funerals. Much of that is due to the pastoral imagery. The early verses bring to mind the images of the mild and gentle Jesus holding a lamb that […]

  • Psalm 22 and Jesus

    Psalm 22 is among the most recognizable psalms because of Jesus’s memorable use of its opening line during the crucifixion as recorded in the gospels (Mt. 27:46; Mk. 15:34). John also makes reference to the psalm when speaking of the soldiers’ casting lots for Jesus’s garments (John 19:24, cf. Ps. 22:18). Accordingly, the psalm has […]