Month: August 2014

  • On doing theology

    “The dogmatic task is not simply to ascertain what the prophets and apostles said but to determine what we must say now on the basis of their testimony.” “Doing theology is being taught by God and being formed by God into fit instruments of his service. It involves an in-depth engagement with the Word of […]

  • The Universal Appeal of Wisdom Literature

    “One might read the Pentateuch and see only a faint shadow of himself reflected there. The historical books may overwhelm him with facts and events. The Prophets, by some mere chance, may pass him by with their deep convictions and concerns about their own societies and world. But the poetic books will find him wherever […]

  • “Not a tame lion…”

    I have been reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to Ellyn lately. We just read the chapter where the children meet Aslan for the first time. Lewis writes: “People who have not been in Narnia sometimes think that a thing cannot be good and terrible at the same time. If the children had ever […]

  • Reading Review: Darwin’s Doubt

    Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design by Stephen C. Meyer In a semi-technical yet readable volume, Meyer expands on his case for intelligent design which he began in an earlier volume—Signature in the Cell. Whereas his focus there was on DNA, here he turns his attention to […]