Upside-down World

The Beatitudes are a sketch of the radically different world that Jesus brings and invites us to live in. Unfortunately, the language and familiarity of the verses sometimes obscures their power. In a recent sermon I tried to express the core of each beatitude in slightly different language.

  • Divine favor is found in knowing you are spiritually empty. The kingdom of Jesus runs on such humility.
  • Divine favor is found in sorrowing over sin.
    God will bring comfort to those who do.
  • Divine favor is found in relinquishing our rights and powers.
    Those who give up something so small, gain the world.
  • Divine favor is found in earnestly desiring to see yourself and the world conformed to Christ’s reign.
    That desire will be fulfilled.
  • Divine favor is found in restraining wrath from those who deserve it.
    Those who do so will receive in kind.
  • Divine favor is found in integrity and purity of motive.
    Those who embrace this have an unblurred view of God. 
  • Divine favor is found in reconciling.
    Those who do so look like their Father.
  • Divine favor is found in suffering even for the cause of bringing the kingdom.
    Those who suffer thus, will possess the kingdom in full.

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