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  • Timothy Keller on Thanks and Rest

    “Cosmic ingratitude is living in the illusion that you are spiritually self-sufficient. It is taking credit for something that was a gift. It is the belief that you know best how to live, that you have the power and ability to keep your life on the right path and protect yourself from danger. That is […]

  • Refreshing Prepositional (Re)Phrase

    I found myself singing one of the worship songs from yesterday while I was driving today. Holiness, Holiness is what I long for, Holiness is what I need. Holiness, holiness is what you want from me.* It’s a simple song, easy to remember and a good reminder. Then my mind made a little leap that I […]

  • Forgiveness and Restoration

    Do forgiveness and reconciliation mean that a relationship must return to its previous level of intimacy? This question probably betrays more of our contemporary notions about friendship than it exposes specific aspects of forgiveness and reconciliation. Any culture that has generated the term “frenemy” has betrayed its confusion about relationships. Some argue that the only […]